Full Name



Hop (briefly used by Molt)


Eat all the food on Ant Island


Gets eaten by a bird

It's not about food. It's about keeping those ants in line.
~ Hopper

Hopper is the main antagonist of the Pixar film, A Bug's Life. He is the leader of a gang of grasshoppers and exploits an ant colony by forcing them to deliver the grasshoppers food.


A Bug's Life

Hopper first appears when he and his grasshopper minions fly to the ant hill to feed. However, thanks to a misfit ant named Flik, the food has been knocked into the water and sunk. Furious, Hopper demands that he have his food by the time the last leaf falls, even though the ants have to use that time to get food for themselves. After he threatens the young princess Dot, Flick briefly tries to stand up to him but backs down. Seeing this as a threat, Hopper demands twice the number of food before he and the other grasshoppers fly away.

Later on, at their home, Hopper is getting a message from a beetle when he is called by his brother Molt, who asks why they should go back because they already have food, which angers Hopper. Molt then admits he got to idea from two other grasshoppers, so Hopper kills them by crushing them under seeds and explains that the ants outnumber them and that they must keep them in line to avoid an uprising, so the grasshoppers leave to collect the food.

When the grasshoppers do arrive, they find the ants have little food, so Hopper orders that every food be taken and then he will kill the Queen ant. Dot hears this and finds Flik and convinces him to come back. They use a fake bird to try and scare Hopper away, but the bird is set on fire and revealed to be a fake. Hopper orders his pet Thumper to attack Flik, who stands up to Hopper and this convinces the ants to fight back. The outnumbered grasshoppers fly away, but Hopper kidnaps Flik, planning to exact revenge. However, Atta rescues him and the two lead Hopper to a bird nest. Hopper, upon catching up with them, announces his plan to return to Ant Island with more grasshoppers and begins strangling Flik, but a bird, distrubed by the commotion, arrives and attacks Hopper. Hopper is then fed to the bird's newborn chicks.



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