Henry Evans

Full Name

Henry Evans




Kill his family and be free to commit whatever crimes he wants


Dropped off a cliff to his death by his mother

No fair? What do you think this is, a game?
~ Henry Evans

Henry Evans is the main antagonist of the 1993 thriller film The Good Son. He is the oldest child of Susan and Wallace, the elder brother of Connie and Richard, and the cousin of Mark. He is played by Macaulay Culkin.


After Mark's mother passes away, his father Jack sends him to visit his extended family in Maine while he goes on a business trip to Tokyo. There, Mark meets his cousin Henry, and the two quickly become friends.

Henry begins to show an abnormal fascination with death, asking Mark for details about his mother's death and explaining that his own younger brother Richard recently died in a bathtub. Henry begins to show more strange behavior that frightens Mark, including smoking, shooting animals with a nail gun, and causing a massive car pile-up by throwing a dummy onto the highway. Mark tries repeatedly to warn Susan and Wallace of Henry's true nature, but they refuse to believe him.

Henry later implies to Mark that he will try to kill his sister, Connie, prompting Mark to spend the night in Connie's room. The following morning, Henry takes Connie ice-skating, and throws her onto thin ice, causing it to collapse, resulting in Connie nearly drowning. She survives, but is hospitalized. Henry later attempts to smother her in her sleep, but is stopped by his mother, who grows suspicious of him. She later finds a rubber duck that once belonged to Richard in Henry's shed. Upon confronting Henry about this, Henry reminds her that the rubber duck belonged to him first, before taking it from her and throwing it down a well.

Henry later notices how much Mark and Susan are bonding, and threatens Mark that he will kill her to prevent him from growing a relationship with her. This causes Mark to attack Henry, resulting in Wallace locking Mark in a den. Henry takes the opportunity to take Susan out for a walk into the forest. During the walk, Susan asks Henry if he murdered his brother Richard, causing Henry to insinuate that he did. Fearing that he will be sent to a reformatory, Henry flees deeper into the woods, causing Susan to give chase.

Arriving at the side of a cliff, Henry pushes Susan off the edge. As Susan dangles off the edge of the cliff, Mark, who had escaped the den, tackles Henry, causing the two boys to fight each other. Henry gains the upper hand in the fight and begins strangling Mark, but Mark shoves Henry off of him and the two boys roll of the side of the cliff. Susan, who had climbed back up the cliff, manages to grab hold of the two boys as they fall. Realizing she only has enough strength to save one of the boys, Susan reluctantly releases Henry, sending him plummeting off the cliff to his death.


  • Henry Evans is portrayed by Macaulay Culkin who also portrayed Kevin McCallister (the main protagonist of Home Alone), not many people would think Henry Evans would be that evil as Kevil McCallister is a good guy.
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