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Aid Krampus in punishing the naughty


Retreat back to Krampus' lair after he decides to give the Engel family another chance

The Helpers are the secondary antagonists of the 2015 horror-comedy Krampus. They are demonic creatures that take the form of usual Christmas festivities and traditions (Toys, cookies etc.). While Krampus is going after the family that lost their Christmas spirit, they follow and assist him in his goals. However, after Krampus decides to give the family a second chance, they all retreat back into Krampus's lair.


Der Klown

Voiced by Brett Beattie, Der Klown is a giant Jack-in-the-box clown with a sickening grimace and disturbing overall appearence. He is first encountered in the attic, where it fights with the family, soon, the floor breaks and drops Der Klown and his allies continue to attack. Aunt Dorothy manages to kill his allies but just before she can finish him, all the other Helpers attack. He is then seen in the crowd while Krampus tries to throw the family in hell. However, after giving Max and his family a second chance, Der Klown is forced to retreated back in Krampus's lair. He is last seen jumpscaring the audience in the last second of the movie, among other toys. His name means The Clown in german. There also appears to be a miniature version of him only seen briefly. He has a large mouth and is a capable of devouring a child whole.


Voiced by Ivy George, Perchta is a disgusting angel-like toy that attacks the family in the attic. After the floor breaks and causes everyone to fall down in the living room, Perchta prepares to attack again. However, before she can, she is shot and killed by aunt Dorothy. In a making of video she is reffered to as The Cherub.

Teddy Klaue

Teddy Klaue is a demonic teddy bear with green slime coming out of it. It has fairly sharp teeth and a killing instinct. He, just like the other toys, attack the family in the attic and acidentally drop in the living room. It is then shot and killed by aunt Dorothy. It's name means Teddy Claw in german.


Tik-Tok is a murderous robot toy who wields scissors. He is one of the many toys to attack in the attic, and to be shot and killed by aunt Dorothy.

Gingerbread cookies

Lumpy, Dumpy, and Clumpy (voiced by Seth Green, Breehn Burns and Justin Roiland respectively) are three psychotic gingerbread cookies who are first seen capturing Howie Jr. by luring him to the chimney and chaining him. Later, they try to kill Howard Sr. in the house, but are set on fire, killing to of them. The third one still tries to attack, but is soon eaten alive by Howard's dog Rosie.

Snow Beast

The Snow Beast is a mole-like creature lurking in the snow and taking people away. It first attacks Tom and Howard, but fails to kill them. Later, it manages to take nearly all of the survived family members, but is forced to let them go because of Krampus's decision to give the family a second chance.


The Nutcracker is only seen briefly, being the one to take Omi away.

Dark Elves

Coming with a large number and many names, the dark elves attack only when the family becomes weak and incapable of protection. They are later seen watching Krampus as he throws the family in hell, but later retreat into his lair when he gives the family a second chance. The known ones are: Ketkrókur, Þvörusleikir, Hurðaskellir,  Kertasníkir, Gáttaþefur, Bjúgnakrækir, Giljagaur, Gluggagægir,  Stekkjarstaur, and Ruprecht. They are potrayed by Mark Atkin, Amy Brighton, Trevor Bau, Ravi Narayan, Felicity Hamill, Sophie Gannon, Kelly Lily Marie, Clare Odell, Gareth Ruck, and Collin Dean respectively.

Yule Goats

Potrayed by Pascal Ackerman, Skye Broberg and Jessie Carson, the Yule Goats serve as Krampus's reindeers for his sleigh. They appear to headbutt each other for amusement. They also have thick fur, mountain goat-like horns and skulls for faces.


  • Lumpy is voiced by Seth Green, who is best known for his portrayal as Scott Evil of Austin Powers fame and Chris Griffin of the Family Guy franchise. While Clumpy was voiced by Justin Roiland, who is also known for Earl of Lemongrab.
  • They are very similair to The Animatronics from the Five Nights at Freddy's series, as both groups are murderous creauters based on child entertainment who seemingly enjoy taunting and killing their targets.
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