Full Name



The Smog Monster


To destroy life


Gets destroyed by Godzilla

Hedorah, also known as The Smog Monster, is an alien monster that came to earth and fed on pollution, growing larger until it eventually became a giant beast that caused the death of thousands.



Starting as a microscopic tadpole-like alien that landed on earth, Hedorah appeared to be harmless and was captured by a fisherman named Gohei and brought to Professor Yano for study, believing it to be a new species of tadpole. During this time, a larger, more dangerous Hedorah had destroyed two ships, and Yano went into sea to investigate. While gone, his son, Ken, was attacked by the giant Hedorah, who tore into the monster's stomach with a knife, to no effect. The beast spared Ken's life and then targetted Yano, showing less mercy than before and horribly scarring his face. Yano left the sea to nurse his injury, and found out that the smaller Hedorah, when cut in two, would form too knew creatures and would grow when exposed to pollution.

After several days, Hedorah evolved and moved onto land in search of more pollution to feed on. This caught the attention of Godzilla, who onfronted Hedorah. Angered at Godzilla's arrival, Hedorah tackled Godzilla, whose atomic ray had no effect. During the clash, Godzilla ripped pieces of Hedorah's skin, which gained a life of its own and killed four people. The other Hedorah retreated into the sea. The beast evolved again into a flying monster, and it flew over the sky and at a factory to feed on more pollution. Godzilla attacked again, but Hedorah was stronger than before and left Godzilla choking on acidic gas. Hedorah then sprayed sulfuric acid over the city, and thousands dropped dead when exposed.

At that time, Professor Yano had discovered Hedorah's weakness was being dried out. During this time, the smaller Hedorah joined the larger one, and it evolved into a giant humanoid beast that confronted Godzilla on Mt. Fuji. After a vicious fight, Godzilla was brought down and Hedorah dropped him into a pit and was lured to the electrodes constructed to dry out Hedorah's body. Unfortunately, a fuse was blown and the electrodes shut down. Unknown to Hedorah, Godzilla had recovered and used his ray to charge up the electrodes, zapping Hedorah, who tried to fly away but Godzilla knocked the beast down and dragged it back to the electrodes, where it was dried out. Sensing wet sludge, Godzilla tore into Hedorah's body and zapped it again, finally destroying the menace.


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