You all know the loyal Harmon James. Worked with the NFFA tirelessly for many years. Harmon will be the first Purger of the evening.
~ Owens about Harmon.

Harmon James is final antagonist in the 2016 movie The Purge: Election Year.

He is portrayed by Christopher James Baker.


Harmon is a faithful assistant of the New Founding Fathers of America. With the rest of the party, he spends the Purge Night at the cathedral Our Lady of Sorrow, for Minister Edwidge Owens' annual Purge Mass.

When Senator Charlie Roan, who wants to stop the Purge, is delivered to the church as a special sacrifice, James receives her from Earl Danzinger. He then enters the altar where he is welcomed by Minister Owens. Owens introduces James as 'the loyal Harmon James,' and adds that he has been helping the NFFA tirelessly for many years. Owens appoints James as the first Purger of the night. James' victim, a drug addict named Lawrence, is brought to the altar, and James, under Owens' guidance, violently stabs the man in the chest multiple times.

Both James and Owens behave completely psychotic and after the stabbing, Owens proclaims that James has now seen the light. James then brings Senator Roan to the stage where she is to be sacrificed by the Founding Fathers. However, Roan's bodyguard Leo and the rebel forces of Dante Bishop attack and kill the NFFA leader Caleb Warrens. During the erupting shootout, he remains on the altar for some time before grabbing two guns and calmly walking towards an exit.

After the battle has been won, Senator Roan and the remaining men attempt to flee the church through the parking lot. In the basement, they find a horde of captives intended for purging. Roan frees them and one of the men panics and runs towards the exit. When he reaches the door, it swings open, and James is standing right in front of him. James shoots the man with a shotgun before targeting more of the victims and Roan's men. He wounds Marcos and targets the senator next but Joe steps in front of her. He is shot by James multiple times but also shoots James in turn. James receives multiple shots to the torso and is killed by a headshot. Both he and Joe die of their wounds.


  • He is the final antagonist of the film, and was the last villain to die.
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