GVM - Gigan

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Defeat Godzilla and cause destruction on Earth


Destroyed by Mothra

Gigan is a cybernetic monster that was created by aliens and an antagonist monster from the Godzilla movies. In the Showa series, he was very strong and was a difficult and brutal opponent as he can make the heroic Godzilla bleed rapidly, while in Godzilla: Final Wars, Godzilla defeated him in less than a minute without any allies, but returns later in the film and is killed by Mothra. Although not as famous as King Ghidorah, Godzilla or Mothra in the United States, he still remains popular to American fans who know him. Gigan has appeared in three Godzilla films twice in the 1970's and returned in 2004. He seved as the main antagonist of Godzilla vs Gigan and the secondary antagonist in Godzilla vs Megalon with Megalon as the main villain.



Gigan was a cyborg that was loyal to the Space Hunter Nebula M, and was sent to Earth with a space dragon named King Ghidorah and wreaked havoc across Japan. The Japan Self-Defense Force attempted to fight back, but they were decimated by the two giant space monsters. The rampage got the attention of Anguirus, one of Godzilla's allies. He swam to Japan to find out what was happening, but the military was unaware of his intentions and attacked him, so Anguirus left and reported the news to Godzilla. Suspicious, Godzilla and Anguirus headed for Japan and they were confronted by Gigan and Ghidorah. A huge battle broke out, and Gigan fought Anguirus. Anguirus was losing the battle, with Gigan kicking him in the face and using his buzzsaw located in the stomach to slash Anguirus' face. Gigan then turned his attention to Godzilla. He slashed Godzilla's shoulders, causing him to bleed, and severely weakened him and split his head open. The Nebulans decided to aid the space monsters by using the Godzilla Tower and hitting Godzilla and Anguirus with a ray in the tower. The humans helped fight back and destroyed the tower, and Godzilla and Anguirus fought back and drove Gigan into space and delivered a beatdown on Ghidorah, causing him to flee as well.

Gigan later returned to Earth, called by the Seatopians to help them conquer Earth. He aided Megalon in battling Jet Jaguar. The two monsters nearly overwhelmed Jet Jaguar before Godzilla intervened. Initially, Gigan and Megalon overpowered their opponents, but Godzilla and Jet Jaguar eventually gained the upper hand. Gigan, realizing they were outmatched, retreated back into outer space, abandoning Megalon to his enemies.


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