Freddy and Mercury are the main antagonists in Mighty Mike. They are thieves.

Frederick Arnold Henry Gray Jr.

Freddy is the bossy and skinny type of raccoon who would get his paws on the precious food and appliances. But he with Memphis (or "Mercury") must get past Mike, a pug.

Memphis “Mercury“ Aaron Daniel Gray



The dumb and fat-looking type of raccoon. He barely pays any attention to Freddy, making him angry. It is told that he fell in love with the princess toy. He is (almost) as powerful as Mike.

But he is actually, noticeably strong, but his effect only works on Freddy...


  • They are the only antagonists in Mighty Mike.
  • It is shown they have different eye colours.
  • In "The Cone Of Shame", they try to reveal Iris to Mike while wearing his cone, trying to embarrass him.


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