The Exo-Skin was an invention of Dr. Nora Wakeman for her robot daughter Jenny in My Life As Teenage Robot.




Even though the prototype was used rarely, Jenny wanted to use it again. Unfortunately, the prototype isn't as forced. As a result, Mrs. Wakeman made some modifications to the suit.

Final Edition

She uses the skin to hit on Don Prima at Mezmer's. Unfortunately, when the exo-skin attaches to it's host there's no escaping from it's grasp. Thankfully, Jenny is able to free herself from it's control by pouring a milkshake on her. After a short fight, she supposedly kills the exo-skin. Although, after Jenny and the other teenagers leave, the exo-skin latches onto Mezmer. The exo-skin did not appear for the rest of the series as Mezmer briefly returns in "Labor Day". It is unknown what happen to the exo-skin and how Mezmer managed to free himself from it.


  • It was Inspired by Venom from Spider-Man.
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