(Elastigirl: Are you gonna kill me?) Nah. Using you is better. You're going to help me make supers illegal forever!
~ Evelyn Deavor before she puts Elastigirl under her hypnotic control.
Evelyn Deavor

Full name

Evelyn Deavor




Keep superheroes illegal and destroy the Incredibles


Arrested for her crimes

Evelyn Deavor (also known as The Screenslaver) is the main antagonist of the 2018 Pixar film Incredibles 2.

She was voiced by Catherine Keener and by Bill Wise under the disguise of the Screenslaver.

Incredibles 2

Meanwhile, whilst on Elastigirl's missions, She confronts the Screenslaver, a mysterious supervillain who projects hypnotic images through television screens. She eventually tracks down and captures the villain, who, when unmasked, is revealed to be a pizza delivery man with no recollection of his actions.

Screenslaver Pixar


Unsettled by the ease with which she captured the Screenslaver, Elastigirl investigates further and realizes that the Screenslaver was being controlled by screens within his goggles. Before she can alert anyone, however, Evelyn forces the goggles onto her, revealing herself as the mastermind behind the Screenslaver. Evelyn explains that her hatred for Supers stems from her parents' murder several years ago, where instead of hiding from intruders and calling the police, her father attempted to call the Supers, but was unable to reach them and fatally shot. Evelyn plans to use the Supers to sabotage her brother's summit and cause a catastrophe that will tarnish their reputation forever. She uses Elastigirl to lure Mr. Incredible into a trap and force a pair of goggles on him, then sends other hypnotized Supers invited for the event to subdue the Parr children in their home. Frozone arrives and tries to protect the children, but is ultimately overwhelmed and placed under Evelyn's control as well.

On board the Deavors' ship, the hypnotized Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone recite a vindictive manifesto on air to paint Supers as a public threat. They subdue the ship's crew members and aim the high-speed ship at Municiberg before Bob destroys the controls. When the Parr children find them, Jack-Jack telekinetically removes the goggles from Elastigirl, who in turn frees Mr. Incredible and Frozone. The Incredibles and Frozone release all the other mind-controlled Supers by destroying their goggles. Evelyn tries to escape in a jet but is captured by Elastigirl. Following the incident, Evelyn is arrested, and Supers around the world regain full legal status.


  • Evelyn is the second female main antagonist in a Pixar film after Darla.
  • Evelyn is also the first Pixar villain to use profanity.
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