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Make Tatsumi her lover or kill him, crush the rebellion and find a strong opponent to face


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The weak are destined to lie beneath the boots of the strong. If that angers you, overcome your deficits.
~ Esdeath
General Esdeath is a major antagonist in the manga and anime series Akame ga Kill. She is a general of the Empire, and one of their most powerful members. Her Teigu gives her control over ice, and she is thusly one of the most feared members of the Empire. She is the leader of the Jaegers.



Esdeath was born in the Northern Frontier Lands as the daughter of the clan's chief. Even as a child, Esdeath was a skilled fighter and killer, being trained by her father to hunt down Danger Beasts. From a young age, Esdeath was instilled a "survival of the fittest" mentality from her father, being taught that only the strong deserved to live. One day, while Esdeath was hunting, her village was destroyed by a rival clan, with her father dying in her arms. From that day forward, Esdeath vowed to become stronger.

In adulthood, Esdeath joined the Empire's military and quickly ascended the ranks, becoming a colleague with Najenda. Her power caught the attention of Prime Minister Honest, who allowed her to choose an Imperial Arm to increase her strength. Esdeath chose the Imperial Arm known as Demon's Extract, which bestowed upon Esdeath control over ice.

Becoming a general in the Imperial ranks, Esdeath soon became a symbol of terror in the Empire. When an enemy faction known as the Revolutionary Army arose to overthrow the Empire, Esdeath was dispatched by the Prime Minister to take part in defeating the rival force. When Najenda defected from the Empire to join the Revolutionary Army, Esdeath attempted to kill her. The fight that ensued resulted in the loss of Najenda's right eye and arm, though she survived and became the head of the assassination group Night Raid of the Revolutionary Army.

Akame ga Kill

Esdeath was dispatched by the Empire to deal with the rebels in the Northern Tribes under the leadership of Numa Seika. Esdeath accomplished this task faster than expected, slaughtering thousands of northerners and breaking Numa's spirit and pride before killing him. Returning to the capital, Esdeath expressed her desires to the Emperor and the Prime Minister to try her hand at falling in love.

Esdeath was soon tasked with eliminating Night Raid, whom had been responsible for a series of assassinations of the nobles in the capital. Esdeath soon gathered a group known as the Three Beasts and used them to assassinate Honest's political enemies, framing Night Raid for the murders. After the Three Beasts were killed, Esdeath formed a new, more powerful group of Teigu wielders dubbed the "Jaegers", in order to combat Night Raid.

Holding a tournament to decide who would wield the Teigu of fallen Night Raid member Sheele, Esdeath quickly finds herself infatuated with one of the participants, young swordsman Tatsumi, whom, unbeknownst to Esdeath, is a member of Night Raid. Esdeath quickly abducts Tatsumi, intending to make him her lover, and inducts him as a member of the Jaegers. While with Esdeath, Tatsumi attempts to convince Esdeath to join him in the Revolutionary Army, but she refuses. Eventually, Tatsumi escapes, causing Esdeath to fall into a deep depression as she becomes determined to reunite with him.

While being tasked with hunting down several Danger Beasts terrorizing the capital, Esdeath reunites with Tatsumi on Mount Fake. During their encounter, the two meet a mysterious individual who uses his Teigu, Shambhala, to teleport the two to an unidentified island. Trapped on the island together, Esdeath makes several advances on Tatsumi, during which she reveals her past to him. Tatsumi, who had intended to offer Esdeath another chance to join his cause, eventually realizes that Esdeath will never change. The two are eventually allowed to leave the island, and Tatsumi manages to slip from Esdeath's grasp.

After dispatching the Jaegers to the outskirts of the Empire to combat Night Raid in a battle that resulted in both sides losing a member, Esdeath was then tasked with protecting Bolic, an Imperial spy. When Night Raid invaded, Esdeath revealed her Teigu's trump card: "Mahapadma", the ability to temporarily freeze time and space. Despite Esdeath's efforts, Bolic was eliminated. However, Esdeath managed to kill the organic Imperial Arms Susanoo before the rest of Night Raid escaped.

With the Jaeger's numbers down due the deaths of several of its members, a new group, the Wild Hunt, under the leadership of the Prime Minister's son Syura, was formed to relieve them. Esdeath was sent away from the capital to participate in the war against the Revolutionary Army. After returning from the war and learning of Wild Hunt's brutal actions in the capital, Esdeath forces the Prime Minister to disband the group. Shortly afterwards, Tatsumi and Lubbock are captured and imprisoned. Esdeath makes another attempt to convince Tatsumi to join her, only to learn that he is already in a relationship. When Tatsumi blatantly turns down her offers to serve under the Empire, accepting his death, Esdeath resolves to execute him herself.

On the day of Tatsumi's execution, the other members of Night Raid come to rescue him. In the battle that ensues, commander Budo is killed. Esdeath and Tatsumi face off, and Tatsumi lands a successful blow against Esdeath that takes her out of the fight. After Night Raid's successful escape, Esdeath realizes that the Revolutionary Army will attack the capital soon. To prepare for the upcoming war, Esdeath begins experimenting more with her abilities, learning to create soldiers out of ice.

When the Revolutionary Army arrives in the capital, Esdeath takes part in the war that unfolds. She meets Tatsumi on the battlefield and duels with him for a period of time until being ordered to retreat. Following this, she is ordered to assist the Emperor in fighting Tatsumi when he begins to overwhelm the Emperor's Teigu. However, Akame intercepts her and the two duel, with Esdeath proving the more powerful combatant. During their duel, however, the Emperor's Supreme Teigu is defeated, and a wounded Akame comments to Esdeath that the Empire has fallen. Esdeath brushes this off, however, claiming that this is now her battle before continuing to fight Akame and the rest of the Revolutionary Army.

Despite her forces having been demolished, Esdeath proves a powerful opponent and single-handedly massacres scores of soldiers. Tatsumi, merged with his Teigu, attacks Esdeath, and Akame manages to cut her arm. To prevent the poison of Akame's blade from spreading, Esdeath activates Mahapadma and severs her arm before injuring Tatsumi. Even with her arm amputated, Esdeath still proves a formidable opponent for the rebels, and manages to shatter Akame's Murasame. However, as Esdeath goes in for the killing blow, Akame uses Esdeath's own sword to drive the broken blade of Murasame into Esdeath's chest. Mortally wounded, Esdeath accepts defeat at Akame's hand. In her last few moments, Esdeath expresses that her one and only regret was being unable to make Tatsumi smile at her.


Esdeath is a sadist with a strong sense of bloodlust and a severe lack of empathy. She enjoys inflicting physical and emotional pain on her opponents, and has no qualms with massacring scores of people. She enjoys war and the thrill of battle. Due to her great power, Esdeath yearns to face an opponent that matches her own abilities. 

At a young age, she was instilled by her father with the mindset that the strong live and the weak die, a philosophy that carried on into adulthood. When her subordinates are killed, she often dismisses this as them being weak. Despite this, Esdeath has shown a genuine fondness of her followers, and is greatly charismatic. 

Powers and abilities

Esdeath is considered the Empire's strongest soldier, and is without a doubt one of the most powerful characters in the series. She possesses a Teigu called Devil's Extract that allows her to create ice. This ability allows her to kill scores of enemies in a short amount of time by freezing them to death. Her trump card allows her to temporarily freeze time itself.

Esdeath was a skilled combatant at a young age, taking part in hunts as a child. She grew comfortable with the idea of inflicting pain on others during her childhood in the village. As an adult, she is a master swordsman, being able to kill dozens of opponents in a short amount of time. 

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