Count Dracula
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Full Name

Count Dracula


Dracula, The Count


Marry Mina and remain alive (Formerly)


Gets staked through the heart. Reforms & re-opens the hotel transylvannia after getting along with both humans & monsters.


Good, Later Bad, later good again

Count Dracula is a titular main antagonist of Bram Stoker's 1897 Gothic horror novel Dracula. He is an ancient Transylvanian vampire and sorcerer, and the ruler of Castle Dracula.


During the late 19th century, Dracula quests for world domination, infiltrating London. He summons Jonathan Harker, an English solicitor, to complete his legal transaction and to learn as much as possible about England before he takes over. Dracula initially charms Harker with his historical knowledge, and rescues him from being attacked by his vampire brides. Dracula then travels to England, feasting upon the crewman aboud the ship to regain his strength, with the captain being the only one found alive.

Upon arriving, Dracula becomes attracted to Harker's fiance, Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray, and her friend Lucy Westenra. Dracula begans to feast on Lucy's blood on a nightly basis, infecing her with vampirism. Concerned by Lucy's deteriorating state, her suitors call upon Dutch doctor Abraham Van Helsing, who soon deduces that the cause of Lucy's illness is vampirism. Despite attempts to keep the vampire at bay, Dracula kills Lucy's mother and transforms Lucy into a vampire.

Harker, who had been trapped in Dracula's lair, escapes and returns to England. He, Mina, Van Helsing, and Mina's suitors deduce that Dracula is Lucy's assailant, and track his location in order to destroy him. After Lucy, now a vampire, attacks several children, the group is forced to kill her. They then discover that Count Dracula going by the alias 'Count De Ville', had purchased multiple real estate properties around the perimeter of London, and had placed 50 boxes of earth to these various locations. 

The group place wafers of Sacramental bread within the boxes to deprive the Count of seeking safety within them. Dracula then bites Mina and infects her with vampirism before being forced to flee. Weakened, Dracula returns to Transylvania, but the group pursues him. After killing his bodyguards, the group stabs Dracula to death. His body then turns to dust, curing Mina of vampirism. 

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