Donald Duck is the deuteragonist of the Mickey Mouse franchise.

Despite being a protagonist, he's also an antagonist (more accurately considered as an anti-hero) at times when he bullies and picks on Mickey Mouse, his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and Chip 'n' Dale.

His first appearance was in The Wise Little Hen (1934), where he was asked by the Wise Hen to help her plant her corn, but he faked a belly ache to get out of doing the chore and play rather than work, along with his friend who did the same thing. When the Wise Hen sees this, she gives them castor oil, to teach them a lesson. As the hen and her chicks eat the corn themselves, Peter and Donald, with nothing but an appetite, repent with all their might by kicking each other on the rear.

He is shown to have rivals, such as Mickey Mouse, Chip 'n' Dale, Gladstone Gander, and many others.


Donald is very greedy, short-tempered, jealous, stubborn, rude, arrogant, self-centered and selfish who has a very bad temper and very bad luck (two of Donald's main problems), especially when he appears with Mickey Mouse.

He is very egotistical as he believes he deserves the spotlight more than Mickey such as in House of Mouse where he wanted to change the club's name to House of Duck which Mickey protested against.

Donald finds enjoyment in bullying, and has been known to prank and humiliate others for his own amusement. What he can not tolerate, however, is his victims fighting back against him as such, these battles often lead to Donald's humiliation.

His short temper is also his very weakness which has gotten him into tight spots between him and Daisy (who has a more-controlled temper than him) but has lost it on certain occasions.

He is often the target of bad luck which in the theme song about him "Who gets stuck with all the bad luck, No one but Donald Duck!", he is constantly attacked, beaten, and defeated in the end most of the time, but sometimes he comes out on top when he fights back at his enemies and fights to the end.

Despite his negative personality, he is friendly and jovial, and will often team up with Mickey and friends to defeat the villains.

Villainous Acts


  • In The Wise Little Hen (1934), He fakes his belly ache to get out of doing his chore.
  • He plays nasty pranks on Pluto in several cartoons.
  • He picks on and bullies Mickey in several cartoons.
  • He bullies and pranks his nephews in several cartoons.
  • In Donald's Crime (1945), He steals Huey, Dewey, and Louie's piggy bank, breaks it, and takes $1.25 to go on a date with Daisy, which makes him feel guilty and works through the night to pay back the nephews, learning a valuable lesson in the end.
  • In Cured Duck (1945), After struggling to open Daisy's window, he throws a massive tantrum and wrecks Daisy's house, which leads to Daisy kicking him out until he controls his temper, after he learns to control his temper, he keeps calm when he tries to open it again, then he laughs at Daisy's new hat which leads to Daisy losing her temper in the end, hitting Donald with a broom.
  • In Wet Paint (1946), He tries to kill the mother bird who keeps ruining his paint job on his car but redeems himself in the end when he finds that she has kids in her nest.
  • He picks on Chip and Dale in several cartoons
  • He also picks on Spike the Bee in several cartoons

House of Mouse

  • In Big Bad Wolf Daddy (2001), He hires the Big Bad Wolf to perform on stage which he wrecks the House of Mouse club in the process.
  • In Timon & Pumbaa (2001), He attempts to change the House of Mouse to House of Duck
  • In Gone Goofy (2001), He tries to get Goofy fired.
  • In Donald's Pumbaa Prank (2001), He attempts to stink up the club (encouraged by Pete) by using Pumbaa to fart through the air conditioner but stops after he has a change of heart.
  • In Donald & the Aracuan Bird (2002), He attempts to dart the Aracuan Bird during his performance.


  • In the Disney Studios, Donald is often referred to as The Duck.
  • Walt Disney himself referred to Donald Duck as "the problem child" of Disney.
  • Appearing in over 150 theatrically released films and shorts, Donald has the record for most theatrical appearances for a Disney character.
  • He is very similar to Daffy Duck (owned by Warner Bros.), as both are jealous of the top stars of their owned companies (Donald is jealous of Mickey and Daffy is jealous of Bugs), and their main goals is to have the spotlight, but fail repeatedly.