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Full Name



Destroyah, Destroyer


Cause as much pain and suffering as possible


Is frozen by the maser tanks and falls to the ground, where he explodes

Destroyah (also known as Destroyah, or Destroyer in the English dub) is the main antagonist of the movie Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. He might be Godzilla's ultimate enemy, as well as the most evil.


Destoroyah started out as a species of microscopic Precambrian crustaceans that were mutated by the Oxygen Destroyer that killed the first Godzilla.

Many years later, an underwater drill released the crustaceans, who went on a rampage across Japan. The Japan Self-Defense Force were called in to deal with the threat, but the creatures proved very powerful and viciously assaulted the defense force who's guns were useless against them. Finally, the JSDF brought in flamethrowers, and the monsters were beaten back and retreated. The JSDF realized the creatures were vulnerable to extreme temperatures, and brought the maser tanks to finish off the crustaceans. The monsters realized they would lose the battle and fused together. They emerged again, and the JSDF was faced with a gigantic Destoroyah. This Destoroyah looked similar to the smaller ones, but was gigantic in size and was equipped with a pair of insect-like legs. The maser tanks had no effect on the giant, who went on a rampage. Being too slow and wanting to cause more destruction, the beast evolved into a giant flying form, resembling his future ultimate form. It rained down destruction on the city at a faster rate.

With little options, the people of Japan came to the conclusion of having Godzilla, who was on the verge of a nuclear meltdown that would destroy the Earth, to fight Destoroyah. They believed that the two monsters would kill each other, ridding themselves of the two threats. They lured Godzilla's son, Godzilla Junior, to Japan where he faced off against Destoroyah. Destoroyah was the stronger monster, and battered Godzilla Junior. Finally, Junior was able to bring the flying Destoroyah out of the sky with a blast from his atomic ray. The creature reverted back to his aggregate form and assaulted Junior, and they fought each other. Destoroyah gained the upper hand again and knocked Junior over and pinned him to the ground, and bit into his chest and injected him with micro-oxygen, causing Junior to foam at the mouth. Junior finally was able to blast the aggregate into a factory.

Destoroyah was not dead yet, however, and evolved once more into a gargantuan beast that was larger than Godzilla himself. The creature blasted Godzilla with his micro-oxygen ray and grabbed Junior and dropped him from the sky. Firing a ray from his mouth, Destoroyah ended Junior's life in front of his father. Furious at Junior's demise, Godzilla attacked Destoroyah.

A massive brawl ensued, with both monsters calling upon their powers and using all their strength to destroy the other. Both monsters were seriously injured, but Destoroyah was able to gain the upper hand and knock Godzilla into the water. Rising up, Godzilla turned his atomic ray on Destoroyah, having increased in power. Destoroyah was decimated by the ray, and crashed to the ground and exploded. Unwilling to admit defeat, Destoroyah changed into multiple aggregate forms that swarmed Godzilla and brought him to the ground. Godzilla released a powerful nuclear pulse and the aggregates were destroyed. With Destoroyah gone at the time being, Godzilla tried to breath life into his son, but it was too late and he was dead. Filled with grief, Godzilla let out a roar of sadness and anger, and his grief caused the meltdown to increase at a higher rate.

While Godzilla mourned Junior's death, Destoroyah returned in his final form again, and attacked Godzilla to continue fighting. Godzilla's fins melted from the radiation's power, and he released his red spiral ray on Destoroyah, blasting him apart. Still alive, he tried to fly away, but was hit by a ray from the maser tanks, and collapsed to the ground and exploded.


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