Darren is the secondary antagonist of the adult animated film Sausage Party.


Full Name



The Dark Lord


Work at Shopwell's


Gets exploded in the sky along with Douche


He is the store manager at Shopwell's and gets mocked by Gary a lot.


  • Darren is similar to following villains:
    • Charles Muntz from Up:
      • Both are famous at first.
      • Both are revealed to be evil and plot to capture their prized possessions (Kevin to Muntz; Frank and his friends to Darren).
      • Both work for another villain with a B-Plot (Alpha, Beta and Gamma to Muntz; Douche to Darren).
      • Both get killed by the main protagonists at the climax of the movie.
    • The Duke of Weselton from Frozen:
      • Both are selfish, rich, and ruthless.
      • Both have henchmen of their own (Prince Hans to the Duke; Douche to Darren).
      • Both are defeated at the end of the movie.
    • Al McWhiggin the Toy Collector from Toy Story 2:
      • Both are evil and own a store.
      • Both have a partner in-crime (Stinky Pete to Al; Douche to Darren).
    • Marcel from Rio:
      • Both are selfish and keep a species (Birds to Marcel; food to Darren).
      • Both have arch-nemesises that are species (Blu to Marcel; Frank to Darren).
      • Both have henchmen that are the same species (Nigel to Marcel; Douche to Darren).
      • Both have defeats along with their henchmen at the movie's big finish.
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