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Kill More People Before They Try to Stop Him


Shot down by Donna

Cujo is the primary antagonist of the movie of the same name. Cujo was a St. Bernard that was cheerful and happy until he was bitten by a rabid bat while chasing a rabbit. Cujo was infected with rabies and went mad, killing his owner Joe and his neighbor, Gary Pervier. He chases his other owner Donna Trenton and her son Tad into a car, where he waits for them to get out. Everytime they come out he tries to attack, forcing them back in, and bites Donna's leg.

Tad passes out from dehydration and Donna desperately tries to escape the car again and attacks Cujo with a baseball bat, hitting him multiple times and then stabbing him with broken handle. Bringing her son into the house, she revives him. At that moment, Cujo crasses through the window and jumps at them, only to be shot by Donna.

It is revealed that Cujo survived the gunshot and makes a cameo appearance in Cat's Eye where he is shown chasing the film's titular cat.


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