Full name

Tyrone Rugen


Six-Fingered Man


Kill Inigo Montoya


Killed by Inigo Montoya

We've just sucked one hour of your life away. Remember, this is for posterity, so be honest. How do you feel?
~ Count Rugen to Westley after torturing him
Count Tyrone Rugen is the right-hand of Prince Humperdinck and the secondary antagonist of The Princess Bride. He was portrayed by Christopher Guest.

He has secret lair called the Pit of Despair and is assisted by the Albino. Rugen helps Prince Humperdinck attempt to carry out his plan to incite a war between Florin and the enemy nation of Guilder, helping Humperdinck track down the wayward Buttercup, eventually succeeding at the edge of the Fire Swamp. Humperdinck orders Rugen to take Westley to the Pit. Westley gets knocked out and taken to the pit. Rugen hooks him up to the machine and drains 1 year of Westley's life from him. Fezzik tells Inigo that Rugen killed Inigo's father. So they brought Westley to Miracle Max to get revived. They head into the castle and Inigo chases Count Rugen, until he threw a dagger at Inigo. Inigo was able to pull the dagger out of him and kill Count Rugen.

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