Circus Baby

Circus Baby (or just Baby for short) is the false antagonist of the 2016 indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. She is voiced by Heather Masters.


Baby is a clown-like animatronic humanoid. She has clown-like face and she holds a microphone in one hand. She has two orange-brown ponytails, and her torso resembles a white dress with red frills on her shoulders, a red bow tie and a red skirt.


While giving a little girl ice cream at a party, Baby malfunctions and pulls the girl into itself, killing (or possibly assimilating with) her. However, nobody notices the incident because of the children's loud cheering. Eventually, the little girl's father finds out that she is missing and believes that Baby and the other animatronics have something to do with it, due to his daughter wanting to go near them despite his constant warnings not to. So, the father takes a job as a technician at Circus Baby's Autotorium to find out what happened. Baby discovers the technician and helps him survive for the first four nights. Over the course of those four nights, Baby told the technician what happen to his daughter, shows him the scooping room (by kidnapping him), and tells him what happens there. On the fifth night, all of the animatronics but Baby have been to the scooping room and are scooped of all their insides, which form together as the animatronic Ennard. Baby has the technician send her to the scooping room so her insides are removed and can be assimilated with Ennard. Baby then tries to lead the technician to the scooping room.

If the technician doesn't follow Baby's instructions, Ennard (without it's mask and controlled by Ballora) will attack.

If the technician does follow Baby's instructions, Ennard (controlled by Baby) will trap him in the scooping room and reveals itself to the technician. Baby as Ennard then tells him that the only way an animatronic like itself can escape the Autotorium and be safe is by making itself look like the technician. Ennard then uses the scooper to scoop out the technician's insides and assimilate with him in order to look human.

If the technician finds his way through a secret door, he will be inside an office similar to the one at Freddy's pizzeria from the first FNAF. The technician must then survive the night by preventing Ennard (controlled by Baby) from getting into the office. When the night finally ends, Baby as Ennard vows it will find a way to escape, which it apparently does and follows the technician home.

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