Charles Muntz

Full Name

Charles F. Muntz




Capture a rare bird species.


Falls to his death.

Charles F. Muntz is the main antagonist of the 2009 Pixar film, Up. He is played by Christopher Plummer.


As a young man, Charles Muntz was Carl Fredrickson's hero and explored around the world to find a rare bird species known as the Snipe, but the people thought he was crazy, and they kicked him out, turning him into a mean old man.


When Charle's dogs were about to surround Carl, Russel, and Dug, Charles came to a halt, and greeted Carl in a sneaky way. Charles Muntz lured Carl, and Russel, leaving Dug alone in a Cone of Shame. Charles Muntz revealed to Carl and Russel about the bird he wants: Kevin. After Russel accidently told the bird's name, Charles Muntz threated them about the secret. Carl, and Russel had a chance of escaping from the evil Muntz, and Kevin came to save them. After Kevin was recovered, Charles Muntz had kidnapped Kevin again while trying to find a home, and burned Carl's house. Carl rescued Kevin, but Charles Muntz won't let them leave, and started to battle with a sword. On Carl's house, Carl lured Kevin with chocolate, causing Muntz to fall hundreds of feet to his death below the sky.

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