Captain James Hook

Full Name

James Bartholomew Hook


Captain Hook


Kill Peter Pan in revenge for cutting his hand off


Chased away by the crocodile in the first film and chased away by the octopus in the second film

Captain James Bartholomew Hook is the captain of the pirate crew and the main antagonist of Peter Pan and its sequel. He has traveled the seas of Never Land until his left hand was cut off by Peter Pan as a prank and fed it to a crocodile. Ever since, the crocodile has been following Captain Hook to eat him because he thought the hand was very tasty. Captain Hook has since longed revenge on Peter, and has been responsible for several of Peter's troubles, while he himself is in trouble often due to the crocodile. Captain Hook was voiced by Hans Conried in the first film and is currently voiced by Corey Burton.

Creation of the character

According to A.N. Wilson, Barrie "openly acknowledged Hook and his obsession with the crocodile was an English version of Ahab",[2] and there are other borrowings from Melville.[3]

Hook did not appear in early drafts of the play, wherein the capricious and coercive Peter Pan was closest to a "villain", but was created for a front-cloth scene depicting the children's journey home. Later, Barrie expanded the scene, on the premise that children were fascinated by pirates, and expanded the role of the captain as the play developed. The character was originally cast to be played by Dorothea Baird, the actress playing Mary Darling, but Gerald du Maurier, already playing George Darling (and the brother of Sylvia Llewelyn Davies), persuaded Barrie to let him take the additional role instead,[4] a casting tradition since replicated in many stage and film productions of the Peter Pan story.

Biography of the character

Barrie states in the novel that "Hook was not his true name. To reveal who he really was would even at this date set the country in a blaze", and relates that Peter Pan began their rivalry by feeding the pirate's hand to the crocodile. It is implied that he attended Eton College and Balliol[5] in the play: Hook's final words are "Floreat Etona", Eton's motto. Barrie confirmed this in a 1927 speech entitled "Captain Hook at Eton".

In Barrie's novel, Hook captures Wendy Darling, whom Peter views as his surrogate mother, and challenges the boy to a duel. When Hook is beaten, Peter Pan kicks him overboard to the open jaws of the crocodile, which Hook criticizes, in falling, as "bad form".


Peter Pan (play) and Peter and Wendy (novel)

Hook is described as "cadaverous" and "blackavised", with blue eyes and long dark curls resembling "black candles". In many pantomimeperformances of Peter Pan, Hook's hair is a wig, and is accompanied by thick bushy eyebrows and moustache. The hook is fixed to his right hand (often changed to the left hand in film adaptations) and is used as a weapon. He is also described as having a "handsome countenance" and an "elegance of [...] diction" – "even when he [is] swearing". Barrie describes "an attire associated with the name ofCharles II, having heard it said in some earlier period of his career that he bore a strange resemblance to the ill-fated Stuarts". Hook's cigar holder enables him to smoke two cigars at once. Barrie also stated in "Captain Hook at Eton" that he was, "in a word, the handsomest man I have ever seen, though, at the same time, perhaps slightly disgusting". Although Hook is callous and bloodthirsty, Barrie makes it clear that these qualities make him a magnificent pirate and "not wholly unheroic".


Animated films

Kingdom Hearts

Epic Mickey

Live events

Hook (1991 Film)

In the film Hook, Captain James Hook is played by Dustin Hoffman. Hook kidnaps the children of a now adult Peter to lure his arch-enemy back. He then negotiates with Tinker Bell to let the out-of-shape Peter have three days to rekindle his spirit. He is somewhat depressed since Peter Pan, now named Peter Banning (played by Robin Williams), has left Neverland, and worries he has nothing left to accomplish, having killed the crocodile and made it into a foundation for a clock tower. He wants to have a grand war with Peter to end all wars on Neverland, but is upset to learn Peter has grown up and has forgotten everything. He also has grown tired of killing Lost Boys. In one scene, he attempts to shoot himself, after which he comments, "Death is the only great adventure I have left." He keeps a clock museum full of broken clocks, since he becomes gripped with fear when he hears one ticking, possibly because of the crocodile or the reminder of his old age. Ultimately, this phobia is one of the factors that leads to his defeat.

At the same time, Hook tries to attempt to brainwash the children by saying the father never loved them, and he is successful with Peter's son, Jack. Peter does return and gets his children back, and to give Hook the final battle he desires. In the end he duels Peter in a circle of Lost Boys holding him at bay with clocks, and is apparently "eaten" by the crocodile who seems to temporarily come back to life and falls on top of him. His final words are: "I want my mummy!"

In the film, Hook's hook is on his left hand due to Hoffman being right-handed, and has other attachments besides the hook, including a goblet and a pointer. He dresses very elegantly with a gold-trimmer red coat, matching hat, and a wig that hides his balding head. He keeps a ceremonial captain's sword at his side, but switches it for a proper dueling sword when fighting Rufio and Peter.

Peter Pan (2003 film)

In this 2003 film version of Peter Pan, Captain James Hook is portrayed by British actor Jason Isaacs.

Jason Isaacs plays also the role of George Darling, Wendy's father, following a tradition that comes from the original play. In this version Jason Isaacs has the hook on his right hand. Even though Isaacs is right-handed this allowed him to have more mobility with the hook which the film-makers believed was more important. In this version, his hook also requires a shoulder harness to be worn while it is fastened on, presumably to help regulate the weight Hook feels while using it.

Hook, in this film is portrayed in the classic, for the most part. He is feared, is ruthless, of a gentleman-like nature. He entrances Wendy for a while, but she later proclaims to him that she'd rather die than be a pirate. In this film, Hook also learns to fly, thus almost defeating Peter. Ultimately the bad thoughts bring him down and he drops, resignedly, into the crocodile's mouth.

Peter Pan in Scarlet

Capt. Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth

Peter and the Starcatchers

Other appearances

Peter Pan (1950 musical)

Peter Pan (1954 musical)

Peter Pan — The Animated Series (no boken)

In 1989, the Japanese Nippon Animation produced 41 episodes of Peter Pan - the Animated Series; this was aired on World Masterpiece Theater and in several other countries.

Hook's personality was far closer to the original character from Barrie's novel. Rather than the more clownish Hook portrayed in the Disney version, Hook was an aggressive strategist, feared by his crew and everyone else, except Peter. Besides his first objective, which is to destroy Peter Pan, he also is eager to become Neverland's first king. Hook also had a second hook-hand that both looked and functioned in a similar fashion as a crab claw.

He was voiced in the Japanese version by Chikao Ōtsuka, who also portrayed the Disney incarnation of the character in Japanese media, particularly in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Peter Pan and the Pirates

In 1990, Fox Broadcasting Company produced the television series Peter Pan and the Pirates. Appearance wise, Hook was more early 18th century rather than the classic Charles II English Restoration period. He also had white hair, rather than black. Hook's personality is far closer to Barrie's original character; He terrifies his crew, brutalizes his enemies, has no fear (except where the crocodile is concerned), shows great intelligence and is passionate about plays by William Shakespeare. He was voiced by Tim Curry, who won an Emmy for this part. While the original version of Hook was said to have learned the pirating trade as the cabin boy of Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, this version learned it as the Midshipman of his elder brother, a notorious pirate who commanded a frigate called the Rake. Originally engaged to a young woman, one Christmas Day raid sees the Hook brothers (Hook's name in this account is given as "James Hook") capture a ship transporting Hook's fiancee, Cecilia. Also on a Christmas Day, the two brothers have a disagreement over the sharing of the loot, fighting a duel in which Hook leaves the ship after gouging out his brother's eye, thus earning him the moniker of "Captain Patch". While Hook eventually finds his way to Neverland, and thus a form of immortality, Patch perishes somewhere, his treasure eventually ending up in Neverland. One episode involves Hook finding the treasure, and unwittingly awakening the malevolent ghost of his elder brother. This incarnation have no realy fear before the crocodile, he hates him more like Peter Pan.

Pirates of the Caribbean

At some point after the events of the first Peter Pan, James Hook returned to the Carribean where he met his friend,

Shrek film series

Neverland (TV Miniseries)

Once Upon a Time

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2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

Pan (2015 Film)



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