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Keep Vanellope from racing


Befriends Vanellope

Candlehead is one of Taffyta Muttonfudge's best friends, and a (former) fifth antagonist in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph.


Candlehead is not very bright, and simply does everything Taffyta tells her to do and often follows her lead. Taffyta easily manipulates her into bullying Vanellope, getting her to help destroy her kart and later try to blow her off the track.


Wreck-It Ralph

Candlehead is first seen briefly racing along with the other racers. She is one of the first to get to the finish line and leaves her kart and she gives Taffyta a high-five. King Candy, ruler of Sugar Rush, shows up to announce that in order to race they must give in a gold coin. Candlehead is the last to give her coin away when a disguised Vanellope deposits a medal she stole from Wreck-It Ralph. Vanellope accidentally reveals herself and is almost caught by King Candy's guards, but Ralph also comes for his medal and a terrified Candlehead flees to safety. Ralph is captured and Vanellope drives away in her kart. Candlehead is ordered by Taffyta to follow her to find Vanellope. When they manage to get to her, they start tormenting her to make her drop out of the race. When this fails, Taffyta rips the steering wheel from Vanellope's kart and, catching on to the plan, Candlehead starts to kick the kart repeatedly and the other racers join in. Ralph escapes and sees this and after Taffyta pushes Vanellope into a mud puddle, he jumps out and charges towards the racers. Candlehead once again flees from Ralph and jumps into her kart to leave, but gives one last glance at Ralph and Vanellope before driving away.

Candlehead doesn't bother trying to find Vanellope, probably for fear of meeting Ralph again, and instead takes part in the race. Vanellope, with a new kart, joins in and easily passes the other racers. Candlehead and Taffyta are warned by Rancis Fluggerbutter that Vanellope is coming and Candlehead lights the cherry bombs to blow Vanellope away. Vanellope glitches in front of the three racers and Candlehead falls into a giant ice cream and her candle is blown out. Soon after, Sugar Rush is attacked by Cy-Bugs and Candlehead retreats to Game Central Station. King Candy, revealed to be Turbo from an unplugged game, is killed in the process after being eaten by a Cy-Bug and the bugs are destroyed. Candlehead returns to her game and Vanellope crosses the finish line and the game resets, and Candlehead's memory is restored and she remembers that Vanellope is princess. Candlehead blames Taffyta for making her bully Vanellope and after she is forgiven, Candlehead personally allows Vanellope into their group of racers.


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