Bruce is a minor antagonist and the anti-hero from the 2003 Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo. He is a great white shark who's friendly, and doesn't want to eat fish. He leads a support group for other sharks who feel the same, or any fish that suffer from any other problems.


Although Bruce is a friendly shark, his instincts sometimes get the better of him. It's quite possible that he can control himself, as long as he doesn't smell blood. Outside of his feeding fenzies, he's a very jolly guy, and seems genuinely compassionate. When he hears how Marlin's son was taken, he looks upset, then touched that Marlin is so devoted to his son. He also appears to have issues due to never knowing his father, which he cries about earning him a hug from Anchor and Chum, who seem worried for their friend.

Role in the film

He's one of the first characters Marlin and Dory meet on their journey to find Nemo. He greets them, and invites them to a get-together he's having. It turns out he's got a meeting for his support group, and they're on step five - bring a fish friend. All is well until Marlin accidentally hits Dory, giving her a nose bleed, whereupon Bruce goes into a feeding frenzy and tries to eat the two fish. His friends, Anchor and Chum spend the time trying to stop Bruce, and apologizing to Marlin and Dory for his behavior - insisting that Bruce is really a nice guy. When underwater mines are about to explode, the sharks swim away just before the explosion. He then appears at the end of the film, after he and his friends escort Dory home from one of their meetings.

Antagonistic Acts

  • Going into a feeding frenzy, which results in him trying to eat Marlin and Dory. His two friends Anchor and Chum persistently try to stop him.
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