Brawl Bots Are NPC and the main antagonists In Brawl Stars.

Every Type Of Brawl Bots.


  • Sniper Bot
  • Mini Bot
  • Melee Bot
  • Boss Bot

Sniper Bot

Sniper Bot is very thin and has a gun. In training centre, there is one, and is the only one to attack the player.

Mini Bot

Mini Bot is obviously the smallest bot. Their only non-anger appearance is in Training Cave. They attack by jumping on you and making a shoot noise.

Melee Bot

There are four of them in training cave. They will punch you and have the same face model as the Sniper. In Siege, Showdown, and Robo Rumble, it is a boss.

Boss Bot

The strongest and largest bot. In Training cave, Crow is the fastest to kill him, by attacking in the center and continously using the super. He appears in Takedown and Boss Fight. He can shoot lasers, fireballs, and aim rockets at you.


  • Normal: Regular, no change.
  • Expert: Angry, turns purple.
  • Insane: Furious, turns red.
  • Insane II: Enraged, turns yellow.
  • Insane III+: God Mode (Strongest anger), turns white.
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