• Kintobor

    And Palpatine is the most evil characters in Star Wars saga.

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  • Anthony tony deion bilardi


    Full Name

    Hades the Green Dinosaur


    Green Dinosaur


    Kill Blue Dog


    flash him in the toliet

    fall down to his death

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  • Jayden Jean-Baptiste

    Since it came to my attention a complaint was filed involving this wiki copying the categories of the Villains Wiki, many categories aren't allowed to be added, which has led to many articles being without categories, which isn't much better, in my eyes.

    I'm of the opinion it's nearly impossible for categories on this wiki and the Villains Wiki to not overlap, but to come up with a solution to this issue, I'm suggesting renaming and redefining several categories so that they aren't totally copying the Villains Wiki.

    Note that this is only for some categories. I think other categories, such as Complete Monster, Evil Clowns, Dark Judges and Super-Villains should be kept as they are as they're specific types of villains, but others should either…

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  • Lady Satsuki

    This category has always been highly controversial. Because it's been used subjectively instead of objectively on this wiki, people have been getting into fights about who is and who isn't qualified for this and now there's talk of deleting it totally. I feel this is a terrible idea, so now it's time to focus on tidying it up. I'm not suggesting we start adhering to TV tropes standards, but we really need to start using it less subjectively. Characters can still be freely added as long as nobody tries to add any obvious non-qualifiers like LeFou and Android 19, but if any fights break out over whether or not a character counts, bring the case up on this blog and explain what the character does. All are welcome!

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  • XxDinoFlamerxx

    I just wish there was a category called "Fan-Fiction Villains" so I can add my own villainous characters.

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  • RRabbit42

    Several months ago, I was asked by Wikia about merging the two Antagonist wikis together. This was because the same person created two wikis about the same subject within five minutes of each other because he wanted to duplicate what another wiki was doing, and then he abandoned both. I agreed that it would be a good idea since I've seen the same people editing the same article on both wikis, which is futher duplicating the information.

    I have already put a notice on the other wiki that the information there will be moving here. There isn't any specific timeline set for finishing, but what is going to happen is this:

    • Each page there will be checked to see what's different and that info added here.
    • The pages there will then be blanked and the…
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