Bidybabs are antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. They are voiced by Zehra Jane Naqvi. As seen in the image above, there were originally seven of them, but there were only two of them in the final version.


Both are small, baby-like animatronics with a pale tan colored exterior and each of the two have different colored eyes - one with light purple eyes and other with blue-green eyes (better seen in Baby's image from the Extra menu). They sport a triangular-shaped orange nose, squarish teeth in a similar style of the nutcracker, five-fingered hands, smaller ears, and wearing a single button from the middle of their chest.

Sister Location

Bidybab is only active in Circus Gallery on Night 2. While the HandUnit is rebooting the power to Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental, the player must hide under the desk until the power is rebooted. While under the desk, Bidybab will enter the room and will proceed to look under the desk where the player is hiding. After it does that, Bidybab will try open the door that protects the player. Once Bidybab has successfully pried the door, it will proceed to open the door. The player's job is to try and hold the door shut, so that Bidybab doesn't get to them. If the player fails to keep the door shut, Bidybab will jumpscare the player, resulting in a game over, but if they succeed, they will leave due to Baby, who they are scared of, watching them.

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