Bela (Hotel Transylvania)

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To destroy Hotel Transylvania and keep monsters and humans separated


Shrunken down into a harmless size by Vlad

Bela is the secondary later main antagonist of 2015 animated film Hotel Transylvania 2. He only appears towards the end of the film. He is Vlad Dracula's ex-servant.

He is voiced by Rob Riggle, who also voiced Aloysius O'Hare, whom he also portrayed Mr. Walters, Travis & Captain Lippencott and Mr. Dickers.


He was Vlad's bat-like servant who would do anything against humanity. Unlike Vlad however, whom dislikes humans simply out of concern where they could be the potential threat on monsters, Bela disgust on humanity appeared to be taking on more villainous level as he shows no hestitante nor remorse to attempted to kill Johnny out of revelation where he was a human-vampire hybrid.

He is named after Bela Lugosi, the Hungarian actor who became famous for playing Count Dracula in classic horror films.

Role in the film

Bela was first seen giving Vlad an invitation sent by Mavis for Dennis's 5th birthday party. By the time they reached Hotel Transylvania, Bela had sensed humans and was told to wait outside. However, after thinking that Dennis was a human, Bela had summoned his army to kill him and Johnny's relatives.

Later, he went as far as harming Winnie (Wayne's eldest daughter), causing Dennis to grow his fangs (revealing that he is a vampire) and teaching him a lesson. Throughout the skirmish, everyone else stepped in and sent the army flying away.

In the end, Bela tried to kill Johnny, but was shrunk by Vlad to a harmless size and was grabbed and licked excessively by Wayne's children.


  • "I smell HUMANS!" "HUMANS???" (To Dennis)
  • "Do you know why you don't know?"
  • "Because you're just a WEAK. LITTLE. BOY. AHAHA!!" (Referring to the Hotel)
  • "Tear it down!"


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