Beauty Smith

Full Name

Beauty Smith




Turn White Fang into a fighting dog


Arrested by the Mounties

Beauty Smith is the main antagonist of Disney's 1991 live-action film White Fang. He was portrayed by James Remar.


Beauty Smith is first seen meeting up with Jack as they arrive at Skagway. Beauty introduced Luke and Tinker to Jack and they pickpocket him as they show him the way to Chilkoot Pass.

Later, when White Fang and Grey Beaver arrive in Skagway to buy wolf pelts, Beauty and his henchmen notice White Fang and use their fighting dog, Buck to test White Fang and he wins. Grey Beaver returns and Beauty blackmails him for White Fang. The three men put White Fang in a pen, but he escapes and they put a bag over him. The three men then train White Fang to become a fighting dog and enter him in several dogfights. The following night, Beauty tries to feed White Fang, but the wolfdog lashes out at him, forcing him to leave.

The next morning, Beauty's rival, Sykes, brings a bulldog named Cherokee for their last fight. Cherokee has the upper hand against White Fang, but Jack and Alex arrive in the scene and stop the fight. Jack then relinquishes White Fang as the restitution for the money he lost to Beauty months earlier as Alex holds him back. Beauty then swears revenge against them as they leave.

After Jack and White Fang have found gold at their claim, Luke notices White Fang and informs Beauty as they follow them to the claim. The three men shoot at the cabin as Luke stuffs the pipe. Alex then distracts them with his jawharp until Beauty and his henchmen set the cabin on fire. Tinker tries to capture White Fang, but White Fang attacks him, causing him to discharge his gun against Luke. Beauty then shoots at White Fang, but the wolfdog attacks the evil dogfighter until he's forced to surrender. Jack and Alex then take the dogfighters to town where they are eventually arrested by the Mounties.


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