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Banzai was one of Shenzi's two most loyal companions, along with Ed and was part of the hyena clan that served Scar and he is one of the secondary antagonists of Disney's The Lion King.


Banzai was probably the most aggresive out of the three hyenas, and was quick to get angry. He was always hungry and loved food. He often quarrels with Ed. Out of all three hyenas, Banzai would usually get the worst injuries, getting scratch marks from Mufasa and falling into a thorn bush because the other two accidently pushed him in.


The Lion King

Banzai first appears along with Shenzi and Ed when Simba, Nala, and Zazu entered the Elephant Graveyard. Under orders from Scar, the trio attempted to kill the three, but thankfully, Mufasa appeared and managed to drive the three hyenas off, with Banzai getting the most injuries of the three. Later on, the hyenas made another plan with Scar to murder both Mufasa and Simba. Scar tricked Simba into standing inside a gorge, and Banzai, along with Shenzi and Ed, attacked a herd of wildebeests and chased them into the gorge, where they nearly trampled Simba. Scar informed Mufasa of this and he attempted to rescue Simba, and while he succeeded, he was thrown back into the gorge and killed by Scar.

Scar blamed Simba for Mufasa's death and advised him to run away. After he left, Scar ordered Banzai, Shenzi and Ed to kill him. However, in the ensuing chase, Banzai plummeted into a thorn bush, much to the amusement of the other two hyenas. However, they succeeded in driving Simba into the desert. With Mufasa dead and Simba gone, Scar claimed the title of king and allowed the hyena clan to enter the Pride Lands. Unfortunately, the hyenas over-hunted, resulting in the herds leaving the Pride Lands, to which the hyenas started to question Scar's leadership skills. Nevertheless, the hyenas stayed by his side when an adult Simba returned to reclaim the throne. After forcing Scar to admit he murdered Mufasa, the lionesses attacked the hyenas, forcing them to flee. However, Banzai, Shenzi and Ed attempted to help Scar defeat Simba, but overheard him blaming them for Mufasa's death, to which they abandoned him out of anger. After Simba defeated Scar, Banzai, Shenzi and Ed, along with the hyena clan, attacked and kill him before fleeing the Pridelands.

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