I’m jealous of your 7 notebooks
~ Arts and Crafters’ most famous quote.
Crafters Normal

Arts and Crafters is a antagonist of The Mystaman12 Video Game, Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.


Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

Arts and Crafters is a shy and insecure character, and usually keeps to himself. He does not like being looked at and, during most of the game, will just avoid the player and the other characters as much as possible. However, if the player collects all seven notebooks, Arts and Crafters will become insanely jealous that the player has more notebooks than him. He will go mad and angrily chase down the player. If caught, Arts and Crafters will teleport the player and Baldi to the starting point of the game in very close proximity to one another, all but guaranteeing that Baldi will catch the player and end the game.

Field Trip Demo

Arts and Crafters will instead become a barrier to the player as he will come out and start attacking the player if they reach into the NO ENTERING zone, He will endlessly attempt to attack the player until he gets you, which will put the player back into the fireplace which might put you in danger if Baldi is active. He will also take away sticks from the player when he catches them. the most difficult enemies to avoid, and will help Baldi catch the player if he catches up.

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