Agatha Prenderghast
Aggie Prenderghast

Full Name

Agatha Prenderghast




Punish the seven Puritans who hanged her


Passes on to the afterlife after Norman reaches through to her

I don't want to go to sleep, and you can't make me.
~ Agatha Prenderghast

Agatha "Aggie" Prenderghast is the main antagonist of ParaNorman. She was a young girl who was accused of witchcraft due to her ability to speak with the dead and was hanged in the year 1712.

She is voiced by Jodelle Ferland.


Agatha Prenderghast was a girl born in Blithe Hollows, Massachusetts. Along with other members of her family, Agatha had to ability to speak to the dead. However, this provoked fear among the villagers, who believed she was a witch. Agatha became more distant from the other people in her village until they became so afraid that they decided to put her to death. Agatha hid away in the woods, but was found, put on trial, and hanged. However, her ghost cursed the seven Puritans who hanged her, including Judge Hopkins, to rise from their graves as the living dead. After the Puritans died, they saw the error of their ways. To keep the curse from happening, other people who could speak to the dead read her ghost her mother's fairy tale books, which her mother would read to her often when she was alive.

Role in the movie

Public view twisted the story to make Agatha look like an evil witch, which made her ghost even more furious. After Mr. Prenderghast, who was holding back the curse for years by reading the book, died, his ghost told Norman Babcock, Agatha's distant relative who could also speak to the dead, that he must read the book to her before the sun sets. However, Norman is not told the truth about Agatha's story and he believes her to be an evil witch along with everyone else at Blithe Hollows. Unable to find her grave, which was left unmarked, Norman tries to read the book at the graves of the seven Puritans who hanged her, but he is interrupted by the school bully, Alvin. It is then that Agatha's ghost, appearing in the form of a witch, appears and raises the seven Puritans as zombies, who chase Norman and Alvin. With help from Norman's sister Courtney, Neil Downe and his brother, Mitch, Norman and the group manage to escape the zombies.

As Agatha watches from above, the zombies are attacked by the citizens. The zombies manage to hide in the Town Hall, where Agatha was tried, but Agatha soon notices they are there and the townspeople set the Town Hall on fire in an attempt to burn the zombies out, unknowingly trapping Norman's friends in as well. The zombies chase Norman to the top of the Town Hall. Holding the book, Norman confronts Agatha's ghost, calling her a "horrible, old witch", and attempts to sedate her by reading the book to her. However, Agatha destroys the book and causes Norman to fall back into the archives. There, he has a dream and witnesses Agatha being put on trial for her ability. When he wakes up, the zombies reveal they simply wanted to tell him to read the book and send Agatha and themselves back to the grave. Norman is reluctant to help the zombies after learning what they did, but after they admit to their wrongdoings, Norman decides that instead of reading the book, he should confront Agatha and talk to her to end the curse permanently.

Agatha continues to watch as the mob burn down Town Hall when Norman and the zombies get out of the building and are cornered. As Norman tries to explain everything to the townspeople, they assume that he is in league with the zombies and try to attack him and the zombies. However, Courtney, joined by Neil, Mitch, and Alvin, defend him and Norman explains that the zombies were people who did something unforgivable because they were scared, and were just like them, but now it has to stop, convincing everyone to stop attacking. Furious, Agatha attacks the town, causing everyone to panic. Norman and his family, guided by Judge Hopkins, are led to Agatha's grave, but she separates Norman from his family, forcing him to confront her by himself.

Agatha immediately tells him to go away, but he continues and tries to explain that the two are similar, to which she points out he isn't dead and is a boy, so they aren't the same at all. When he continues towards her, she attacks, making spiked roots com out of the ground to impale him and makes several roots to cover herself from him. He breaks through the roots, to which she confronts him and starts electrocuting him. She once again tells him to leave, but he doesn't. As she terrorizes him, he tells her a story which tells about her own life. This angers her and the two go into the spirit dimension, where she continues to attack him. He eventually starts to reach through to her, however, telling her that just because they did awful things to her, doesn't mean she does as well. She then tries to leave, but he holds onto her hand and she turns into her normal human form. They talk to each other, and he tells her that he doesn't think she is a witch. Having found someone who understands her, Agatha lets go of her hatred and passes onto the afterlife, along with the zombies.


  • When Agatha's ghost attacks the town, the main things she destroys involves witches, including witch costumes and a witch statue.
  • Agatha was eleven when she died.


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