Abominable Snow Monster

Full Name

Abominable Snow Monster of the North


The Abominable Snow Monster, Bumble


Eat Rudolph and his friends (formerly)
Get a job


Redeems himself and befriends his former enemies

The Abominable Snow Monster is the main antagonist of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He is a giant yeti who hates Christmas and is the most dangerous creature in the North Pole and is feared by nearly everyone.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

When Rudolph and Hermey left Christmastown because they didn't fit in with the others, they were watched by the Abominable Snow Monster. The group met a muscular man named Yukon Cornelius who knew a lot about the Abominable Snow Monster and called him Bumble. Unfortunately, the Abominable Snow Monster attacked them and was attracted by Rudolph's red nose. They were cornered by the yeti, so they floated away on the water using an iceberg. The Snow Monster couldn't swim and didn't follow them.

Years later, when Rudolph didn't return, Clarice and Rudolph's parents went searching for him and were captured by the Snow Monster. A now adult Rudolph came home after they left and realized what had happened and found the Snow Monster's lair, where he was about to eat Clarice. Rudolph challenged the monster to a fight but was knocked out when the beast hit him with a stalactite. Yukon and Hermey also found the lair and they knocked the yeti unconscious by using an avalanche and removed his sharp teeth. The Snow Monster realized his teeth were gone and was attacked by Yukon, who saw no reason to be afraid since the yeti lost his teeth. Yukon and his dogs jumped on the Bumble and they fell off a cliff. They were all presumed dead. After Rudolph, Hermey and the others returned home, Yukon and the Bumble came back too, alive. The Bumble had reformed and wanted a job now, and he put the star on the Christmas tree to so he was now good.

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