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Full Name



The Shoe Guy


Make Duma race against greyhounds and skin her if she loses.


Gets arrested after being attacked by Duma

Good. That skin will being me much money.
~ Abdullah planning to skin Duma if she loses the race

Abdullah is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 1989 live-action film Cheetah. He is the slayer of Duma's mother. He wants to skin Duma and collect money for him and his friends by making Duma to race against greyhounds, because of Mr. Patel's uncle.

He is portrayed by Paul Onsongo.


Abdullah is first seen at Mr. Patel's store planning to capture Duma with Mr. Patel and Nigel. When the trio go to the Johnsons' house, Mr. Patel sneaks into the house to steal Ted's whistle to call for Duma. After he got the whistle, they capture Duma.

Abdullah decides to train her for running fast. When the Johnson family go to Mr. Patel's store, Ted recognizes the shoe marks on Abdullah's shoe and realizes that he killed Duma's mother and realizes that Mr. Patel has captured her, because of his mentioning of Duma being lost and that Mr. Patel stole his whistle.

When Abdullah captures Susan, he tries to stab her until he catches Ted in the act. After he puts Ted and Susan in a cage, they leave for Nairobi. However, Morogo frees Ted and Susan from their cage and go after the trio.

When Duma was about to lose the race, Ted snatches his whistle from a cop and blows the whistle to make Duma go faster and reach the finish line. When Abdullah tries to flee from Duma, the cheetah attacks him and Abdullah is arrested by the police.

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