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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/11/2017
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• 10/11/2016

Complete Monster

Why are some people obsessed with keeping this category limited to characters that are approved on TV tropes?
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• 4/4/2016

Revamping the wiki

This information is primarily for the admins but if others have any comments or questions, leave them below.
Due to needing to overall basically everything on this wiki to remove what was copied from other places, I have come up with several points to be addressed.
1) We will need a "New editors" guidelines page that summarizes what needs to be changed and links to further reading materials, such as the "What is a villain" and "Don't copy TV Tropes" pages that will be written.

2) Narrow the focus.
This is the Antagonists Wiki. If an antagonist also happens to be a villain, that can be noted, but the focus needs to remain on the antagonists.

No duplicating each antagonist category with a villains category. Example: if there is an "Animal antagonists" category, do not make an "Animal villains" category. Just use "Category:Villains" once to note that.
Antagonists need to be from established publications like movies, books and comic books. Fan-created (such as from Go-Animate, fan fiction or from various memes) or real-life antagonists would not be allowed. In the case of comic books, it's already complicated enough with how many different "universes" and re-tellings of each story there are, as well as different roles being played by different characters. Example: Steve Rogers was not the only person to be Captain America and different people have been The Red Hood, one of which became The Joker.
Descriptions need to be less subjective and more fact-based. If the category or description you are adding is more of a case of "I think this character is like that" rather than what's shown in the story, don't add it.
3) We are not going to copy the Villains Wikia or TV Tropes. We have to be independent.

We will probably need to enforce this in a block policy due to the formal complaint that was filed.
4) Streamline and simplify.

Categories will be more straightforward and shorter in length.
No more grandiose categories, most of which came from TV Tropes. Example: what is a "Knight of Cerebus"? In order to find out, you have to go to that page and read the explanation. In constrast, a good category name should immediately be clear what it's about.
Examples given by other people:
Karma Houdini > Unpunished villains
Faux Affably Evil > Deceptively polite
Affably Evil > Genuinely polite
Since the new categories we use may have similar kinds of names, or in some cases maybe even the same name because there might not be any other way to phrase that kind of category, we may need to check with the Villains Wikia for clearance.
Keep in mind that by putting a category on a page, we have to think, "I want to find all characters who are in category X". See item 7 as to how this has been abused.
Fewer antagonist levels. The exact types still need to be determined, but anything beyond a secondary level is automatically a "minor" antagonist. No more tertiary, quaternary or whatever.
We don't need to know the different types of weapons/abilities a character uses/has. Examples: swordsmen, acid users, gunment, telekinetic, etc. This is because it was becoming too broad. If a character normally uses a sword but happens to use a gun one time, the gun category was being added. An exception might be if the weapon is their forte. Example: light sabers for Sith and Jedi.
5) Handling antagonist fussing will be a little different.

a) After the simplification is in place, anyone that tries to over-define an antagonist level would be blocked, especially if it is explained to them before.
b) Contradicting yourself = blocked By this, I mean that if a person says a character is one kind of antagonist in one edit, then changes it to something else on a later edit, they have contradicted themselves.
c) Wild and unsupported claims = likely blocked (The abuse of misinformation campaigns/plots/claims/outranked by/advertised as/fought to replace. See #E below for the related "he had bigger plans" justifications.)
d) False info/twisting a character into a villain = blocked. See "KP-Villain" blog and HuxRen's edits to Lionheart (to be added later). The block will be because this is lying.
e) Arguments about who is primary and secondary antagonist are going to be nipped in the bud. (Example: the Randall Boggs vs. Waternoose nonsense about who had "bigger plans")
6) Better definitions to clear-up mis-used phrases. The ones in 5C above, reformed, redeemed, "just doing their job", "What is a villain", false antagonist, etc. Some of these will be covered on other pages.
7) Ending category abuse

No more pages with more categories than words on the page. Categories have been used instead of writing sentences in the body of the page to describe the character.
Example: as of right now, Makunga's page has one sentence with ten words in it and 14 categories.
Limit the number of categories allowed on a page. (Some pages have had dozens of categories.)
Category spamming will be in the block policy.
Watch out for people clicking on "Add Category" several times in a row instead of adding them all at once.
8) If we turn article comments back on, comment spamming will need to be listed as blockable offense.
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• 3/15/2016

A bot for the wiki

We're reaching a point where a lot of work will need to be done shortly to clean up the pages and categories on the wiki. I can automate a lot of it via the AWB program I've used before, but it would be better if I can run that program under a second account that I have for maintenance purposes.
The account is Ferbot and I have just created the profile page for it to identify its purpose here. The Ferbot account has been registered on a few wikis as a bot and it's time we get a bot account for this one.
For those who don't know what a bot is, it's an account that has special rights so that its edits do not immediately show up in the Wiki Activity or Recent Changes pages. The other advantage is that because it's flagged as a bot, the edits do not count towards any badges. When there's a lot of changes to be made, it's easy for an account like this to jump to the top of the leaderboard. As an example, over on the Phineas and Ferb Wiki, Ferbot has racked up over 60,000 edits while doing maintenance.
So, in order to get this account approved as a bot, I have to announce it and give everyone a chance to comment on it. Let's run this through about March 27 and if there are no objections that cannot be addressed and worked with to fix, I'll turn in the request after that.
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• 11/3/2015

New Antagonist

Caprius was the new villain and also the only-mentioning father of the Dazzling alias the Sirens of Equestria.
He's the Evil Entity's only pupil and entirely an ally for Professor Pericles and his former mentor.
His appearance is unlike the Capricorn, he's got curved fangs,needle-sharp and got hooves cladded with glided slivers and got a horns atop of his head which it's enough horsepower to tremble down even the most thick, but impenetrable walls and he's got vicious, high-strangled screechs that enables to projectiles to destroy any obstacles & even froze his enemies from where he'd stood.
I would like to have a suggestion.
Maybe the Sirens father can be on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic EG show.
Creature to ponies.
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